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I Series Composite Decking Board Pewter 25.4mm x 135mm x 4.8m (7.4mtrs to the m2) FSC

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Iseriescomp I Series Composite Decking Board Pewter 25.4mm x 135mm x 4.8m (7.4mtrs to the m2) FSC
Length Qty Price
Quantity: m £0.00 ea  
4.8m piece   
Width:  135 mm
Thickness:  26 mm
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Due to its unique composition, Lunawood TWPC is durable and most stable wood composite decking available in the market. Lunawood contains Thermowood fibers that are more stable than unmodified timber. In the manufacturing process, heat modified wood fibers are compressed and blended with high-quality recyclates. The resulting product is 200 % Thermowood as there is more Thermowood in Lunawood TWPC than in the solid wood of the same dimension! The density of Lunawood TWPC is about triple compared to the density of Nordic pine. 2/3 of Lunawood TWPC are Thermowood fibers and 1/5 high-quality CIRCO®-recyclate.

Lunawood TWPC is eco-friendly as the Thermowood fibers used are a recycled by-product of Thermowood production. 85% of the product is manufactured of recycled materials. Lunawood TWPC is PVC-free, non-toxic and off cuts can be burnt or recycled.

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